Who Is HubbyCandy?
HubbyCandy was the name bestowed by my beautiful and flattering wife, Susie. She believes I go above and beyond when it comes to our girls, our family...and our entertaining. Guests who have dined around our tables have complimented I do many things most hosts - especially guys - would never think to do. Let alone know how to do. I believe that's the Universal Balance. I love to prepare beef tenderloin on fresh arugula with
homemade horseradish, but have no love preparing taxes. I can serve a wicked tuna tartare, but would never dream of serving at Wimbledon. Everyone has a talent. Mine is cooking, with an eye on detail.  

I enjoy meeting with my clients and gathering information about the ocassion, the location, the guest list, and any likes and dislikes. These details are vital in designing a custom menu and creating a spectacular event.
I have hosted and catered cocktail parties, themed events, wine tastings, corporate outings, barbacues, brunches and sit-down dinners. Each event has its own personality, its own purpose, and needs to be planned and executed accordingly. Drawing from experience, working through collaboration, and building on inspiration are the keys to your event being enjoyable and memorable.

HubbyCandy represents every aspect of great tasting food and attention to every detail. I use fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients sourced locally, and thoughtfully prepare dishes with impecible care and signature style. I am truly grateful to those I have served and to those I have assisted. Whether you want to roll up your sleeves and learn side by side, incorporate some hands-on instruction for a group of friends gathered around the island, or feel like a guest at your own party, I hope I can assist you too.
HubbyCandy is all you need.

email questions, comments and quote requests to:
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